Venisio Expert Shower Channel – 700mm

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Product Description

Venisio Expert Shower Channel 700mm :Ref 30717816

Available in L700mm,L800,L900,L1100

  • Self-contained trough with trap: for direct access to the trap from above.
  • Supplied with a waterproofing sheet: secured by adhesion and screws to ensure a watertight seal.
  • Reduced dimensions: only 89 mm below floor.
  • Ultra High flow rate: up to 79L/mn (under 20 mm of water).
  • Installation DVD supplied
  • Perfect finish: stainless steel grid and frame height adjustable up to end of installation. Reversible dual-finish grid: brushed stainless steel or for tiling

Guarantee: 5 Years

  • Complies with NF EN 274
  • Complies with NF EN 1253